Some quarterly announcements about site updates, posts, and changes. I think this will be new start after some break here and there. Hope I will improve my writing and soon start writing fictional short stories.

Hello, It's been quite a time, I carried away with other tasks and missed writing stories, posts, etc. I wanted to. Here I am making a couple of announcements! From now on I will be making quarterly or monthly announcements.


Also, I will be adding the now page on my site. To let know people, what I have been working on currently. reading book, youtube show.

You can visit https://nownownow.com/about to check why it was included and purpose and other profiles following this scenario


After writing some stories and struggling to get my point clear. I started looking for how stories are crafted.
How do they show people what they are intended to do? Instead of telling them.

Going through youtube content, medium posts, reedsy.com posts, courses, articles, Stephan King's suggestions etc.

You guys can expect some fictional stories in near future. Lets see how it goes.

there are some of the points, should be corrected in the life or behavior of people. But people don't take it seriously or listen to it if we try to told directly. like they only agree with it if they have experienced it.


I will be adding technical posts related software development, building applications, microservices, etc. Technical posts will be present on main blog as well separate tag.


Contact form will be included in about page to do email communication. Notification will be sent to contacting the person.

Now page with the dynamic model will be included.
Site color palettes will be changed to be simpler and minimalistic.

You guys can also suggest to me about site color palettes.