Some Stories, Worth Telling!

Remove Docker From Mac

Below method helped me remove docker, docker-desktop completely from macbook pro m1.

Used AppCleaner to remove docker from applications directory

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Let It Go...

Like Carl Jung says our past experiences shape us but they do not define us. We have capacity to change and become what we desire. This story highlights the importance of letting go of past events, not allowing them to consume our present and future.

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Start Making Stuff

when asked about how he thought his students could become better artists, Panter replied, "You have to copy and copy and copy and copy. And then you find yourself."

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Conquer Your Lizard Brain And Unleash Your Creative Genius

This post is about Lizard Brain concept explained by Seth Godin in his book Linchpin. It shows how our decision making is affected by Lizard Brain and unconsciously changes our lives. Knowing unconscious factor's affecting our life is best way to know the road.

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Book Summary: Linchpin By Seth Godin

I recently heard Linchpin by Seth Godin on His approaches to become successful in business world is different than other self help books. As he says we need to learn new skills and adapt new methods to be indispensable.

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Chatgpt On Python Vs Cython Performance

I was looking for python performance improvement and then went to ChatGPT to know more about it. It really gave same result with more info and short descriptions. This post is what it told me about it with reference links.

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Visualization Importance

This is very short story, which show the strength of visualization.

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Reading Importance

I can be so much. I can live so many lives, through times, be at places. It's most amazing.

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November Famous Trends

Some of the famous November trends, I came across and their short intro. Hope it will help you to follow one this trend in November.

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Effect Of Undoing Last Move

Things are so easy to do and very hard to undo. The small story of me, my friend, and my bike teaches us a life lesson. Hardly we learned at that time. Until we found where the boat got a hole, and need a fix. Its journey with the suffering.

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The Small Story Of How Trauma Works

Trauma works mysteriously. We all have some kind of traumas in our life known and unknown. And as life goes on it keeps creating new ones. These are small experiences with trauma. Hope they help you understand their work.

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New Presentation Technique: Use Of Hook

Use Hook in presentations help to set tone of presentation or perspective for it. If you were able to deliver Hook properly then you are done with 60% of your presentation.

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