Some Stories, Worth Telling!

How Brush Teeth To Avoid Enamel Erosion

Today, we will learn how to brush teeth properly. How to avoid tooth enamel erosion. Brushing your teeth wrong way can cause many tooth problems. It will drastically reduce lifespan of teeth. Simple teeth brushing technique.

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The Unseen Strength: A Lesson From Nature

This is story about how struggle makes you stronger. Why its important to go step by step in life and not skip some steps.

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Old Phones, Computers, And Slow Internet

Story of phone, one and half decade ago. how was it. what we used to do. All those problems, looks like experiences now

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Debug Django In Vs Code

Master the art of debugging Django projects in VSCode with our expert guide. Learn how to configure your development environment, set up run configurations, and utilize advanced debugging techniques. This guide offers practical tips for using Visual Studio Code effectively, ensuring a smooth and efficient Django development experience.

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Ai Image Generator - Imager.Live

Launching web applications are not easy
it takes time
it takes more time than expected
and need many things to be done to make it available
listing, registering, assigning, storing, deploying, testing, publishing.

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Clearing Docker Data: A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to reclaim your system's space by efficiently managing and removing unused Docker data.

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Content Management System Poc: Django + Buttercms

This is first installment in our PoC to check multiple CMS providers. ButterCMS is easy to setup and use. You don't have to go back to deployments or dashboards other than ButterCMS. Good thing. Bad thing is service very costly.

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Random Quotes

Quotes are the trigger points. They will keep you inspiring to do great things.

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Remove Docker From Mac

Below method helped me remove docker, docker-desktop completely from macbook pro m1.

Used AppCleaner to remove docker from applications directory

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Let It Go...

Like Carl Jung says our past experiences shape us but they do not define us. We have capacity to change and become what we desire. This story highlights the importance of letting go of past events, not allowing them to consume our present and future.

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Start Making Stuff

when asked about how he thought his students could become better artists, Panter replied, "You have to copy and copy and copy and copy. And then you find yourself."

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Conquer Your Lizard Brain And Unleash Your Creative Genius

This post is about Lizard Brain concept explained by Seth Godin in his book Linchpin. It shows how our decision making is affected by Lizard Brain and unconsciously changes our lives. Knowing unconscious factor's affecting our life is best way to know the road.

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