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Story of phone, one and half decade ago. how was it. what we used to do. All those problems, looks like experiences now

During tea break at the office, we discussed old phones and slow internet. And everyone was bringing their story about what they did in those times

10-15 years back, mobile phones were only phones and not so smart. they had only calling, messaging, FM radio, and snake games. I remember me and my cousins used to play snake games for  hours and hours at night.

You can change your ringtone but you have to write tune code in mobile and save it. else ringtone used to be same of all the phones. And if you change the ringtone of one phone. Then you used to be famous with your phone. And relatives might tell you to set the ringtone for their phone as well.

Later new phones came with bigger displays. Features like Java gaming, music players, and memory card support. Those used to charge you for playing games until and unless you knew how to install jad, jar files in your phone. Java mobile games were interesting and a variety of games were available.

Video streaming was only available on selected high-end phones with RTGS support. Otherwise, you have to download those files and then watch them. it's not an easy job it would take hours and still work. YouTube was not famous that much and Vuclip was good those days

Chrome and Firefox browsers for mobile came later until then UC Browser was a good friend

Chinese phones used to provide TV on those phones, you can pull an antenna from a mobile and watch TV.

I used to browse on WAP internet, it's like terminal browsing. you have to navigate using arrow keys and then you will get text only. In 2g also it used to take hours and hours to download files and visit pages. Internet dial-up connection was a different thing with BSNL service. It was like 30 minutes for a 5 Mb file download and the file can get corrupted.

we used to share songs, and videos with each other and what we did on the internet.

Nowadays, people keep status or trends that's how we know about new things

with computers, much storage is not available and we need to remove files or data to keep using it. don't think that we already know this. the computer used to tell that the disk is full and please remove some files to use it

I remember using a floppy to store data of 10kb at that time.  CDs are very useful these days if you need something you can store it it disk and view it later.

New browsers like Opera, Chrome, and Firefox made it possible to use on mobile phones. For PC, we had to use the same browser to download anything IDM was very famous. it is still today Internet Download Manager

Now if you want to listen to music use Spotify, youtube music. Want to watch movies visit Netflix, PrimeVideos, Hotstar.

some software is made by considering the user and providing only that functionality.

Nowadays the internet is so fast that we don't download anything. Keep viewing it online only, although we are getting storage at a smaller price

And everything is online

The web is going to be new thing
call it web, internet, cloud, whatever you want.