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This is story about how struggle makes you stronger. Why its important to go step by step in life and not skip some steps.

Once in a small village, a group of schoolchildren found a bird's nest with several eggs in it, nestled high in the branches of a tree. Every day, they would eagerly check on the eggs, until one morning, they noticed cracks appearing in one of them. Excitedly, they watched as a tiny beak poked through the shell, and a little bird began the struggle to break free. However, the process was slow, and the bird seemed to be having a hard time.

Concerned for the tiny creature, the children decided to help. Gently, they started peeling away pieces of the eggshell, making it easier for the bird to emerge. Soon after, the little bird was free, but to the children's dismay, it was too weak to stand and soon died.

Distraught, the children went to their teacher, seeking comfort and an explanation for the bird's untimely death. The teacher, wise and understanding, gathered the children around and shared a valuable lesson.

"My dear students," the teacher began, "your hearts were in the right place, wanting to help the little bird. However, nature has its own way of teaching us about life. The struggle to break free of the eggshell is not just a physical challenge for a bird. It is a vital process that helps strengthen its muscles and prepare it for survival outside the egg."

The teacher continued, "By removing the struggle, you inadvertently removed the bird's opportunity to grow strong. Life's challenges, much like the bird's struggle, are essential for our growth and development. They teach us resilience, strength, and perseverance. While it's natural to want to help others, sometimes the best form of help is to allow them to face their challenges, offering support and encouragement from the sidelines."

The children listened intently, absorbing the profound lesson their teacher shared. From that day forward, they approached life's challenges with a new perspective, understanding the value of struggle and the strength it brings.