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I recently heard Linchpin by Seth Godin on His approaches to become successful in business world is different than other self help books. As he says we need to learn new skills and adapt new methods to be indispensable.

Seth Godin explains how capitalist convinced people to go to factory. And accept least wages while earning more for their company. His view on how rat race runs and what approaches needed to stay in the game. Linchpin means a person who is essential to an organization and can't be easily replaced.

The world has changed, and so has the workforce. With technology and globalization, the old rules of work no longer apply. The new economy demands that we become indispensable. And that requires a shift in mindset and perspective. Instead of being a cog in the machine and doing repeatable tasks. We must become artists and creators who bring something unique and valuable to the table.

The key to being a linchpin is to develop your emotional intelligence and your ability to connect with others. This means being empathetic, authentic, and willing to take risks. It also means embracing your own creativity. Finding ways to add value to your work and your organization. By doing this, you will get a positive feedback loop with work satisfaction.

To become a linchpin, you need to adopt a "ship mentality." This means taking ownership of your work and your career. And constantly pushing yourself to improve and innovate. It also means being willing to fail and learn from your mistakes. By doing this, you can become a leader and a role model for others. Help create a culture of excellence and innovation in your organization.

The combination of passion and art is what makes someone a LINCHPIN. - Seth Godin