You can give an interview in a very relaxed and attentive manner. Instead of getting hyper, uncomfortable, and confused.

When I went for an interview that day already sweating and scared that how will be my interview. Will I be to crack it? Will I be getting questions based on my study or will it be new questions? How will be the company? How much time they will take? What will be my salary? What are the chances of getting selected?

On that day, I woke up very early. And Immediately started revising interview questions-answers based on the job descriptions. Only took breakfast and skipped lunch.

This used to happen every time I used to go for an interview. And one day it changed.

Cause next day my roommate had an interview call. And we have to go some shopping also. So he asked me to join him on his way to the interview after it we can head our way.

So we got ready that day and went for the interview. But that day instead of getting me scared of the interviews. My friend was getting scared and uncomfortable. He got up early that day. And revising his topics for the interview. He also skipped his breakfast to prepare more. He was hyper and out of his way until the interview finished.

But I was able to observe him, and others at the interview location. I was the only one sitting, not preparing.

All candidates were preparing for interviews. Looking in their notes, books, and mobile phones for data/information. And whoever coming from interview asking them what were the question, blah blah and checking them online.

I was able to observe this scenario and compare it with my interview day. And thought that if I was not getting tense while my friends go for interviews. Why do I have to get uncomfortable and hyper when I have to interview?

I can choose to relax. and that's what I did for upcoming interview. Obviously it took time. but finally, I was able to relax and interview.  And able to tell them fuck off (in my mind)

Let me tell one story mentioned by Osho about Lotse in Tao  Upanishad discourses.

People get without reason angry and hyper. When it was not needed.

It happened with Laotse that he was traveling by boat. One boat accidentally came their way smashed their boat. Laotse kept quiet. While the boat operator got started shouting at other people, saying many things. Once he got calm he asked Laotse about it.

Laotse: "if the empty boat came and smashed with our boat. then will it matter"
Boat operator: "no"
Laotse: "then why does it matter if it's empty or filled?"

That was the way of Laotse.

The moral of the story is that you can give an interview in a very relaxed and attentive manner. Instead of getting hyper, uncomfortable, and confused. It applies to other areas of life also.

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