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Things are so easy to do and very hard to undo. The small story of me, my friend, and my bike teaches us a life lesson. Hardly we learned at that time. Until we found where the boat got a hole, and need a fix. Its journey with the suffering.

During the rainy season, I and my childhood friend Lakhan decided to travel hometown. Due to the long weekend of 4 days. We started traveling home in the afternoon. Due to the cloudy environment, mountains, and farms nearby the road, it was looking amazing. Like safari in a mountain village.

We were traveling from Satara to our home town Hatkanangale.  The second time, we were putting petrol on the bike. Suzuki Max 100 used to give an average of 50 km/l but that day bike took more fuel than required.

We were not able to understand, why the bike was eating more fuel than required. And cooling issues should not happen due to the rainy season, and cloudy environment. There were showers here and some other places.

We again started our journey toward home and talked about all the nonsense friends used to talk about.

The bike again stopped due to the fuel tank being empty at 8 pm. I left Lakhan with the bike and took a lift from the stranger and went back to Peth Wadgaon city. To get some fuel for the bike.

Finally, we were in our home town and having fun for a couple of days. I consulted with a local bike mechanic about the bike and its fuel issue. He was not able to figure it out.

While heading back to Satara, we faced the same issue. I showed the bike to my regular mechanic. And he started asking questions about what changes we did to the bike. We started telling we changed the engine oil and engine cleaning. He mentioned that it should not cause issues.

Then he pointed at the plastic board pad attached to the bike guard to save our knees from rainy water mud. Is the fuel problem started before or after adding those pads?

And we said the problem started after adding those pads.

He removed those plastic board pads and tore them. He was telling that those plastic board pads not allowing air to enter the engine for cooling purposes. Due to the engine not cooling, it was eating more fuel.

We noticed another day that the bike was working normally and we were not facing any issues.

It is the same with all problems, whenever we were facing any issue we check recent changes we have done. Once we undone recent changes, the problem might disappear. And we need to take a new approach to new changes, and suggestions.

This is a common practice in software development. Once new features are added and new issues are occurring or the current application is not working. Then we remove recent changes and check if everything works as normal. Then we take a new approach to adding features.

And software has testing frameworks to check if they are working properly or not. But in real life, we don't have any testing framework. It's a trial and error mechanism or a lot of experience is required to know the problem before appears.

Otherway, how things work in the world also helps figure out issues before happening. This is how the effect of undoing the last move works. It solves great problems.

Things are so easy to do, so hard to undo. - Catherine Ryne Hyde