Fantastic video's from YouTube. Clearing thought process helps us find out what we want. Getting mind clouded keeps us in dark. You will find these videos helpful.

Fix Negative Thinking

A lot of the time, I start to think negatively and go in negative thinking loops. I have anxiety issues also. And sometimes it's hard for me to put a break on my thoughts. Listening to Simon Sinek's this talk helped me understand why negative thinking fails. he mastered the art of explaining why certain things work that way.

Does it stops my thoughts?? NO!
It makes me aware of how my thinking is damaging me.

Sunk Cost

There are lots of things, used to help me in past but not serving anymore. I just keep them in case needed and they keep acquiring space in room + mind + life.  In this below video, Seth Godin makes us understand how sunk cost fallacy works.

Health vs Other Desires

Naval explains in a great way about happiness, health, and mind. It provides clarity on how our peace is getting clouded.  Naval's thoughts from the video

Every man has two lives and the second one start when he realizes he just has one.

A happy person wants ten thousand things, a sick person want one thing.

People Don't Want What You Want

Hard-learned lessons from Seth Godin