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Peter F. Drucker takes us through various question about ourself and our boundaries about it. He shows us that figuring out and strengthening our boundaries, we can manage ourself better and enjoy it.

Great book to read if you don't know how to calculate your strength and values. Actually, it is a short essay by Peter F. Drucker. provides great insights.

Peter Drucker managed to elaborate with examples about how can someone manage themselves. What are their strengths? How can they use it? Using feedback analysis to track problem-solving skills. Comparing expectations with results to figure out it. Observing our own performance in situations like public speaking, working alone, etc. Which works well and provides higher performance.

He mentions that there are two types of people, reader, and listener. It pays off to figure out which type you are and use it. Learning how you are able to learn by listening, reading, doing, experimenting, or teaching to others. Finally, ask ourselves What are my values? and standing by themselves. Where do I belong? What should I contribute? Responsibility for relationships? What are you going to do in the second half of your life? are the question that will prepare you for managing yourself and your life.

Do not try to change yourself - You are unlikely to succeed. But work hard to improve the way you perform. And try not to take on work you cannot perform. - Peter F. Drucker