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Use Hook in presentations help to set tone of presentation or perspective for it. If you were able to deliver Hook properly then you are done with 60% of your presentation.

I watched many TED videos and always wondered how could they deliver this level of presentation. How do they design their flow of presentations? After some time I got to know their technique but was not able to find templates or designs.

Two weeks back in the English speaking class topic was presentation skills. And they mentioned about this template, which I find similar to the kind I was searching for. Punit sir explained it in detail as it was required.

This template contains 5 main points in full presentation. In case of a short time, we can skip the 3rd and 4th points. Else we can reduce the content we are going to mention and keep attached to the main topic.

- Hook

- Introduction of Topic

- Overview

- Explanation of Topic

- Call To Action


Hook is the heart of the presentation method. It will keep your audience engaged till the end of the story. It also takes more time to compose the story with the main theme of the presentation. You have to make sure that your presentation has a clear idea. If you failed to write the purpose you presented in a single line then you need to first work on it. Then choose a story with the topic.

For example, You can go to my post [interview post link here]
I tried to explain why you should not get tressed while interviewing. How did I come to that point? What impact did it make on me? You can also experience it.

You can visit a couple of Simon Sinek's videos, He explains in great detail why purpose matters. You can take Apple vs Microsoft, Nike vs other brands. You can visit Impact Theory to see how they define the topic by mentioning a couple of mentions or a very very short scene.

Introduction of Topic

Once you are done with Hook, you need to introduce yourself, your background, and your presentation topic. Why are we discussing the topic? Here you can again refer to Impact Theory, Tim Bileyu introduces himself, the topic, and then tells about the guest speaker, and welcomes them to the show.  
In talks like TED, IEEE presenters skip introducing themselves.


In this section, we are going to discuss the scope of the presentations. What will be covered? Many times overview in big presentations Is skipped. Due to that, they have a very narrow topic.

Explanation of Topic

Here, we will explain different points on the topic. And explain why they are important.

Call To Action

We again provide a small story of positive impact. Motivate the audience to do the same. Provide them slogans, so that they can keep hooked on it. For example, in Health presentations they mention that "Health is wealth", therefore keep exercising every day.

Simon Sinek motivates the audience to find their way and live life with purpose.

Note: Credit goes to ELTIS Symboisis Colleage Pune - Online English Speaking Classes