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Some of the famous November trends, I came across and their short intro. Hope it will help you to follow one this trend in November.

Until the last year of my graduation, I never came across any trend. That year one of my seniors asked me if I am following the no-shave trend.

And I told him that I don't know about the no-shave trend!

And he was literally in shock, the guy with a full beard telling him. He did not know any shaving trends.

Then he got his cup of tea and joined my table to explain about the No-Shave November Trend. along with What are real-life trends? Why do people do them?

He actually made me curious about real-life trends. And I started digging into them like writing challenges, NoFAP, NNN, DD, and minimalism. That was 5 years back. I went through many trends. Some worked and some failed. I will write about all trends I have tried. But today as 1st November 2022, we will go through November Famous Trends.

No-Shave November

It is a cancer awareness trend. Many cancer patients lose hair on their bodies.

Don't Shave.
Grow Hairs Wild and Free.

And whatever money you save on grooming donate it to cancer cure and raise awareness. You can also help raise awareness about cancer and it can help to save one life.

Awareness about cancer is one of the major issue. People does not recognize it in first two stages. And it becomes too late it third stage. Body becomes extremely weak due to chemotherapy. When my aunt (mothers sister) died due to breast cancer, that time I recognized its depth and seriousness.

No-Nut-November (NNN)

NNN is an internet challenge to not ejaculate, masturbate, sex, or porn for November. It became popular due to social media.

It does provide lots of health benefits. NNN is mostly active on Twitter and Reddit. If you post with hashtags then you will get support. Other users encourage each other to follow and complete this task. Be masculine!


NaNoWriMo is the National November Writing Month challenge. an annual event in which participants write a novel. Writing a novel alone can be difficult, so write together. Every story matters.

If you want to take follow this challenge and write a novel then you need to sign-up on the NaNoWriMo site. To learn more about rules visit their site or Reedsy blog. You can visit this  link - to know more about rules.

You can also try writing blog posts every day in November. That will also help you overcome writer's block.

These are some of the most famous trends followed in November. If you know of the any other trends, let me know on Twitter.

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