This story about Panipuri, it's flavors. And how my friends find out choice of food I make.

Panipuri or fuchka fhuchka or gupchup or golgappa or Pani ke Patake is a type of snack that originated in the Indian subcontinent, and is one of the most common street foods in Indian subcontinent. [wiki:Panipuri]

I don't like tikha panipuri. It hurt in my neck, chest whenever I eat and like to have a taste medium or a little sweet.

Panipuri is available in many flavors. Like extreme sweet, medium sweet, mix sweet+tikha, neutral, light tikha, etc.

Panipuri is made with normal water and warm water. In most places, it is available in normal water. But few vendors provide it with warm water. Hot panipuri tasted different and very good as compared to the normal one.

While studying at PICT college(2017), the first time came across hot panipuri. And that tested good. I liked it. Mayur used to eat a lot of time that panipuri, while others prefer tea.

One evening, we went to eat something. And decided to have panipuri. All three of my friends are okay with medium mix panipuri taste. I don't wanted that so told him to make "mazi wali panipuri god banava".

But panipuriwala was from Bihar state, so he did not understand the Marathi language. I have to tell him in Hindi again like "Meri wali sweet banana"(Make my dish in sweet flavor). And all of them started laughing. We enjoyed our dishes and went back.

But Vikas got my dialogue and kept irritating me.

Knowing that I prefer sweet or medium dishes. Next time, Vikas told other classmates about my taste in panipuri. And they started to annoy me with that dialogue.

In my home town, Datt Bhel wala also makes panipuri, bhel dishes with unique tastes. Other than everywhere.

Next time, I will write about IDLI.

Did you guys enjoy eating panipuri? What different flavors you came across? let me know in comments.