Lots of time, we used to travel a triple seat on bike. Due to lots of reasons. Some of the rides worth remembering.

On one of the weekend afternoons, we were heading for lunch. Me and Vikas want to walk to Mess Hotel (Hotel with a monthly meal subscription facility) for having lunch. It was 10 mins walking distance.

But Vishal was not ready to walk, so insisting that we can go on a bike like triple seat and we won't be getting caught. He kept insisting so we agreed to go triple seat. We were traveling towards Mess, we stop to cross the road to take our route to mess hotel. Due to more traffic on weekend, we have wait for sometime

Within 2 minutes, police came just from the opposite direction towards us. And caught us sitting on bike triple seat and about ride position.

He started shouting at us what are you guys doing? Not wearing mask on roads?? The triple seat is not allowed?? Where were you guys heading?
You do have to pay the fine for breaking traffic law and going triple seat on a bike.


I started to discuss with him that we were very hungry and the hotel is about to close for the afternoon break. we don't have two bikes. we have only one bike. Please let us go, we won't be doing this again. Wasted 10 mins explaining him about our situation.

He started inquiring about what we do for a living? why are we here? then I started telling him that I work in Baner(Pune) Highstreet Shop, etc.

Being a software engineer in Pune does not works. COP's are aware about developer's earning in Pune. So if you are in Pune and the developer don't tell it to cop. And try to avoid telling it whenever possible. Else you will get a good amount of fine to pay.

Later he agreed to let us go but we can't go triple seat, we have to go double seat and one has to come back to pick up the third. And he left.

Then Vishal and Vikas went on bike to check if the mess hotel is closed or not? and check for other hotels?

I decided to walk to the hotel.

I still remember getting first time caught by traffic police in my hometown. I was not aware of that rule. We were heading for a clothing store along with two cousin brothers. At one corner traffic police were trying to stop us. I didn't get why is he stopping us? I stopped and asked him. he was telling me that we have to pay a 200 rupees fine due to we were not following traffic rules.

And riding a triple seat on a two-wheeler is not allowed. I told him to show us the rule book. then he showed it to us.

That was the moment, I got know that only two people can travel by bike!

Asking us to pay a fine. I checked my pocket and only found 50 rupees. I told him that only had 50rs and not more. He told me to collect from cousins. But none of us had anything. So he has to combine it with others bikers to charge a fine.

But riding on a triple seat on a bike is fun if you were hanging out with friends. At the time of graduation, we always went triple seat due to traveling facility not available on college road.

When we were jobless and looking for opportunities. That time we used to go by bike on the triple seat avoiding main roads. Swapnil used to take us everywhere in Pune on the triple seats. He was very familiar with city roads. CCTV's were not place in every main cross point at that time.

Traveling rules are different for nighttime. You will get to read it soon how I ended paying fine for it.

Note: Please do not travel triple seat on the bike. It is not advised. Alway wear helmet!