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You body is only door, you are going to use in this world to experience everything. How you treat it will define, how you are going to live a life. Just like for road trip a cars condition is very very important. And if shock absorbers not working, will you enjoy trip??

Do you know what happens to the car if you don't drive it often? You are right! It does not function very well. And starts giving minor problems. If you happen to start it after a few days.

And you know what if you don't drive it for a longer period of time. It catches corrosion of metal parts of the car. Inside-Outside and everywhere. Can you imagine buying a car and not driving it for approx? 5-6 years and then expecting it to run very well?

Haha! That will be a good joke. We won't be able to drive that car after 5-6 years. It keeps the car in good condition and usable, we need to use it. From time to time, we need to verify all parts are working, else repair them.

It is same the thing with your body. If your work type is seating then it's much more damaging. You can't do like eat, sleep, and work. That will not work for a longer period of time. You will catch some illness or disease.
Else you will start getting health-related problems knee pain, stomach pain, piles, etc.

Our body was not made to sit in one place all time. It evolved in such a way that we can use it for physical as well mental activity. We need to train ourselves both ways. Such as light exercises, meditation, yoga, thinking blocks, etc. . For example, consider you do a job where only your hands were used. and not other body parts, in that case, your hands will get stronger than your legs, and back, abs. You can also check labor workers this happens with them.

What can we do to get started?

You can go for a walk every day for 30-40 mins. You can try running every day. If not possible you can do that for 4-5 days every week. That also works. One or two days a week will not work as it will not keep your body enough active.

Another thing you can do is install free home gym apps on android or iPhone and use them. They do provide information about exercise. A variety of activities is included in it. They do get done with light activities within 20-30 minutes max.

For myself, I use a mix of YouTube and some sites mentioning exercise activities lists. I had more than 6 months as a gym trainer. He thought me how exercise should be done. Why do stretching, and warm-up matter? Due to COVID-19, I have to stop it.

Pros and Cons??

Hahahaha! You can google for benefits and side-effects of gym/exercise. I will not go in details. But there are certain benefits and effects from it.

You will feel more energised. Fresh. Your body will start saying thank you to you. You will get better sleep. You need to learn a lot about your own body and how it works. You get to train your body slowly. Your immune system will improve. Physical strength will be much more. You will start feeling your body inside-out. Your mind will be sharp after the gym.

If you did not do gym activities properly, it will cause pain, bruises, and muscle tensions. Your energy will drop greatly if you pushed your body too much. I will recommend going slow with the body and pushing it only after a certain period of time. You will sleep the whole day in case you missed to take proper sleep. I mean proper sleep means 7-9 hours. If your meal does not contain proteins then you will not able to get benefits from exercise.


Getting what you want is very easy. But to keep it is very challenging. You already got a great body as you were born. You need to keep it active.

If this is not motivating you to do exercise. There is a great video on YouTube about old people about How they spent their life after 70-80 years. As of now, I was not able to find the video I was looking but let me tell you its story.

The video started with both grandmothers waking up in their beds. While one was at home in her own bedroom, another one is in hospital. The first one woke up got ready and went for a morning walk. After returning took breakfast and started playing with her grandchildren. Another one woke up from bed and pressed the button on the side. One nurse appeared and checked her, and gave her medicines. And took her to walk in a wheelchair.

It's up to you how you want to spend your life...